Meet Linn Rivers

Filmmaker | Director | Producer | Writer | Speaker | Starseed 

Through visual, auditory, and kinesthetic media, Linn is able to tap into the subconscious mind of the audience in order to illicit conscious

questions and reveal deeper understandings of oneself. Media platforms include but are not limited to; movies, videos, commercials for

conscious businesses, podcasts, music, theater, writing, and photography. She teams up with amazing talent in different fields to make an

impact in which ever way presents itself. 

Linn Rivers is a conscious media producer and director. She is also a Starseed (yes, from another galaxy called, Andromeda) and is a 

highly intuitive, natural born, clairsentient being who was put on a Shamanic journey very early in life. She is a psychic and lucid dreamer, clairsentient, natural born being, and as a bridge, she can access the spiritual realm at any moment. She is able to tap into the

dream world in ways only 2% of the population is able to. She has utilized her deeply troubled past to create conscious media in many

different forms to assist people in waking up to their own authentic reality.


Linn lost the majority of her family, including her mother by the age of 15. She continued losing others that she loved through out the next several years. She battled deep illness as an infant and child, and again when she was in her later 20's. She experienced multiple near

death experiences, one in which was at the same time her partner was diagnosed with colon cancer at the age of 30 and

ended up passing away. 

Linn fought with mental instability and not wanting to be here for a long time until her healing journey began. As a young child,

she battled with gender identity and sexuality issues, later to understand that her androgyny was simply just another natural part of

the starseed and shamanic journey. 


 She grew up with an alcoholic father and a dysfunctional family. She then later struggled with relationships, bullying, and found herself

homeless at one point on her journey. She felt lost and out of place the majority of her life.

It was in the moment of her last near death experience that she realized she had decided to stay on this planet for a reason, so it was time

to step up and answer her calling. After many years of working in the holistic health field as a holistic/functional nutritionist, massage therapist, spiritual councilor, yoga teacher, NLP practitioner, and Human Design Analysist, she was guided back to the movie industry with a much more grounded nature and a new name. What she brings to Hollywood is shaking up the game and changing the way people view themselves and the world around them. 

Linn has spent a lot of time alone, connecting with the other world, and mastering herself as a being in this Universe. While Linn may

not resonate with the beings of this planet, she continues to share her creativity and knowledge with the world to assist humanity in

waking up before it's too late. 

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Hollywood, CA

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